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Five Fast Track ways to Courier Heaven

Posted on October 22, 2019 at 12:35 AM


We all want the best deal and the best service...
here's my guide to getting that from the sameday dedicated courier industry

# 1.   Read between the lines 

That may sound odd but if your gut instinct tells you that the glossy website full of generic photos and vague promises has no real substance and is masking a one person and a dog setup....well it probably is.

Google is your friend here...a quick search will show you if the people you are dealing with are a proper company working from commercial premises or someone operating from a spare bedroom on a shoe string

Shoestring outfits can be fine IF you are entirely price driven BUT they typically have little in the way of resources or support so when things go wrong you may be left in the lurch.

# 2. How do they answer your call? 

If they answer as "hello" or similar then I'd say hang up there and then, they have something to hide.  If they answer with a company name and a professional sounding greeting then the chances are you are talking to a bona fide company

# 3. Do they quote you immediately with a round figure?

When you hear something like "yeah that'll be £120 cash mate" be wary.   Most specialist sameday couriers charge per mile so unless you are getting a special price "back load" or a "shared load" round numbers are rare...therefore a typical charge will sound like "that'll be £98.74 plus vat"....not some random number plucked from thin air

# 4. So they sound OK, what next?

Next get the quote in writing by email, make sure any vehicle types, collection times, insurance, deadlines and ETAs are spelled out...very often cheap online couriers act as "farmers", they quote you a cheap price and then farm the job out to the lowest bidder an an online courier bidding that may suit you but it's hardly what you thought you were paying for is it?

# 5. Don't be surprised if you are told "we'll call you back in 5 minutes"

We often do this and here's why.  The courier industry is dynamic. The constantly changing nature of our work means that we often have plans changing mid job.  By taking  5 minutes to assess the situation we can often give a client better service at a better price rather than being pressured into giving out a stock list price.

Kind regards and call us anytime, we are here to help you

Steve Campbell

01202 392 155


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