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dedicated couriers sameday with motorbikes and vans
Dedicated couriers are essential these days's why...

It's mostly about GDPR and aren't you sick of hearing those those four letters?

BUT it's not just about data but about anything that you can NOT afford to lose

Well our big player clients like banks and insurance companies are taking the transfer of data and anything with personal or sensitive information very seriously indeed. 

 If they consider it a matter to be treated with the utmost care then there is a lesson for all of us. 

These clients now employ our "dedicated courier" service where theirs is the ONLY consignment in the vehicle and their courier is dedicated to doing only their delivery from start to finish.  This ensures the onus is on us to keep their goods under constant secure supervision.

By using a "dedicated courier" they remove much of the risk of theft or interference of their valuable goods or data.

It's a point to ponder....if you currently just send valuable or sensitive items  online or by overnight courier then where is their audit trail and where does the buck stop when it goes astray, when it goes missing at the sorting and handling depot etc?

As an example  I personally sent some car keys for repair to Leicester by Royal Mail....they disappeared...I was concerned as they could have been intercepted and then used to steal my car from my house (the return address was inside the packet)...Royal Mail had no idea where they were as they had a "tracking problem" luckily for me the keys eventually turned up nearly four weeks after I posted them but there is a lesson there for us all. Our motorbikes are what we are best known for but vans are always available too

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