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Frequently asked questions....


 Q. Do you provide an overnight or next day service?

 A.  We specialise in very urgent deliveries so if you need a late collection and an early delivery then we do that but it is not like a cheap overnight service such as DHL.

Q.  Can you do it any cheaper?

A.  Price and time are closely linked, the more time we have on a job the more flexible we can be on price but immediate response is always a premium rate.

Q.  What sort of goods insurance do you provide?

A.  We hold "Goods in Transit" insurance to a value of £50,000 per consignment. A copy of our insurance is available on request and higher levels of insurance are quickly arranged as the need arises

Q.  How will I know my package has arrived?

A.  We will phone, email or fax you with a proof of delivery that has the job details, the signatories name and the time of delivery.

Q.   Can I set up a credit account?

A.  Credit accounts are available for regular users subject to a credit check. One-off clients and occasional users generally pay by credit card..

Q.  Do I pay double for a return journey?

A.  The short answer is not short, immediate returns such as with signed documents etc. will attract an extra charge. This is because the courier is no longer free to go on elsewhere after your delivery so you should speak to the control team for an exact costing.

Q.  How much notice do you need when I book a job?

A.  Some notice is good because it helps us to plan our day; more importantly if you book in advance your courier is then guaranteed for you. (Note that if you cancel an advance booking at short notice (less than one hour) then the minimum charge for that vehicle may be applied)

Q.  Are you able to collect and/or deliver out of hours? 

A. We're happy to do so, however if you make an emergency out of hours call there will be an extra charge, see our prices list page for more details

Q.  Hello, I don't know if you can help me?

A.  We'll certainly try our best....

Q. Do you have any vacancies?

A.  Check out our vacancies

Q.  Have you got change for the launderette?

A.  We don't hold cash on the premises but there is a bank at the end of the road.