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Dedicated Couriers Delivering Priority, Immediate Service  

The Southern Despatch Experience

I've been asked to describe the Southern Despatch Experience; in a nutshell it's about Customer Service


  • We have old fashioned standards when it comes to delivering our promises
  • For us, letting people down is not an option, not now, not ever!
  • There is no sneaking in of add-ons to quoted prices so that you pay wayyyyyy more than you expected
  • We collect from you immediately and deliver directly to your client, there's no hubs or "consolidation" with the Southern Despatch Experience
  • Your customers feel that you have really cared when you send a courier, it shows that you value them and we make sure that feeling comes across!
  • All of our staff are helpful no matter what is thrown at them, we know it's a high pressure business, that's why we try so hard to help you
  • Going out of our way or going the extra mile is what sets us apart from the mainstream and we are very proud of that
  • We don't settle for "second best" or "good enough", why should you????

If you are in any doubt as to why you should use Southern Despatch in preference to any other courier, click the checklist below and work it out for yourself...


 Thanks for taking the time to read this

Steve Campbell